“Pooh tries to sleep

counts on all the sheeps

Planned where to keep money

Alas! Eats all his honey”

Cases of those bad nights

When you are awake

And your eyes see through many things

Things of past, 

What you shouldn’t have done

Or what you should have. 

Like those episodes 

Where flashback strikes continuously

This insomnia is just that

Classic mirror of regrets, depression and moments. 

Thoughts run all round the mind

If picturisation was possible

It would be an amazing piece of art


How interesting a person is

How a person crosses an invisible boundary

And goes on a strange place 

He tries to turn back, but,

Eyelids dont close, just blink. 

Such an extraordinary crime it is,

A person’s sleep is robbed

And nobody stands as the defendant. 

There are sleepless nights in the lives of each of us. I tried to put this in poetry. Tell me your way of vision in the comments below. Thanks a ton for reading. Come again 🙂


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