The friendship letter

​What if we didn’t had whatsapp or gmail or phone for that matter? We would have written letters right? A pretty long one, cause we would have so much to share. I guess i would have written a letter to you every other week and you wouldn’t have replied or you would have replied late since you’re always that busy or lazy. Hehe…yet i wouldn’t mind. 

Mumma told me she wrote a whole notepad for her best friend. Whatever crazy/serious/casual/hilarious thoughts she had, she just used to pen it down and posted. Today when i am thinking of sending you a letter i am confused about what to write. 

Everytime i wanted to talk to you, it all started with how amazing you are and how MUCH i love you. And everytime i used to say ily, my feelings multiply and i don’t have words to carry forward the conversation. 

You know i was telling our tales to a friend of mine and she was hell excited about knowing the every angle of what happened. Like, how i felt that time or how you might be feeling then. How were the expressions or how we cried our hearts out with so much ease.

Life’s always taking turns and you have to be on that escalator. Right there and active. You can’t go back as there’s no use of even trying. And when you hopefully look back, there’s this big giant rock hitting your heart and you start crying remembering the good times you once had. That, is never going to happen again. You meet new people and have new adventures and nothing seems worthier than those you once had. 

You know when we were together, we had loads to talk about…so many gossips…so many fantasies to discuss. And now when we are kilometres apart, what is it that we can talk about? I just have tears in my eyes and three words on my tongue……I MISS YOU !! 

How exceptional it is to notice that in life there are people who actually love you other than your family members. We never want to let go of such people right? But you just can hold the sand in your hand.

This is one the letters i wrote for my best friend and never posted. I’ll still won’t be able to post but yeah i guess its time to let her know about this little secret. We now live in different cities and rarely meet but maybe these distances help us realise who we love so much and feel needy about. 
I am sure even you are remembering someone while reading this. So what are you waiting for? Just tell that person how much you love&miss them. And this time pen down on a paper cause letters are really adorable.  

Do tell me your experiences! Thanks for reading. See you again!


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