Struggle of becoming an artist

Countless rose petals have been fallen onto the ground
Solutions of the confusing questions could  still not be found
Dilemmas in life are real like the said one
Pretending angel gets to win against the demon.

Innovation  is like a high risk business clay
Like win lose situation of the chess play
Faith on one’s self is something pre required
Plus, failures shall not get you fired.

While on your inquisitive journey
You might not find an attorney
People may at first tease you 
Advice you rather freeze you
“not everyone can be the Ace of the cards’ deck”
“Not everyone can have the gold medal on the neck”

Of course 
Probablity of being “the one” is like the seeker of murder mercy 
Elusive and full of controversy.

But you shouldnt stop
Stick like thievery and the cop
There’ll be problems
Chasers like police sirens
You’ll feel energyless
You’ll feel ‘talentless’
Resistance will be stronger then ever
Chips will be stacked against you in the endeavour
But all you’ll need is a within push
Think that
This Last axe hitting might give you diamond swoosh.

If you are already half way of your resolution
Quitting now can never be a solution
Take the leftover half way forth
Instead of going back on steps already walked.

Even eagles dont complain about mondays
They chase stuff, bite ’em , scare ’em 
As for … their survival are these preys
Let success be the prey & not the achievement
Have no chance to observe bereavement

When it rains, rainbows shall be the hope
When it’s dark, shooting stars shall slope
When it’s hot, let bedsheets bugs be killed
When it’s cold, let coffee get you thrilled.

Work work work… Not just till you snuggle
Working hard isn’t a one time struggle

There’s one thing you might have heard
Lot of people did burp (just rhyming)
Success isnt something that can be owned
It’s concept is one with RENT bones
Which gets its due date on every day basis

So did you give your rent for today’s oasis ?